The web application for small businesses

Enhance your productivity with BizToWeb — work smarter, quicker, and seamlessly.

Efficiently manage clients, contracts, tasks, and communication within your business using modules specifically crafted by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

BizToWeb is the best Productivity CRM ERP Finance Trackertool.

BizToWeb is a web application that we have designed based on our experience, as a small to medium company. It consists of various modules that we have found useful, since 2006, when the company, Soft Build, was founded.

Our web application offers modules for managing clients and contracts, features for task management, a financial forecasting section designed for entrepreneurs, and many more additional functionalities.

Client and project management

You can track the history of communication with a customer, right from the moment the sale started


Generation of contracts and forms

With the help of templates built by you, you can generate contracts, forms, certificates


Employee time and tasks

Plan work and track results, team workload, and detect activity issues

The BizToWeb solution

We make work easier

Choose to use the modules of the BizToWeb application to organize your activity more easily.

Organize clients, contracts, tasks and communication in the company with the help of modules specially designed for small and medium-sized company administrators.


Collaborate more easily...

… with the customers and the team. Basically, a simple CRM to use.

With the help of the client section, you can keep the history of communication with them, internal or personal notes about their projects, as well as contracts and other relevant documents.

You are watching the results...

… in a simple and intuitive way, without complicated indicators.

You can see the status of projects, which offers you have sent to potential clients, which tasks have been completed and which receipts and payments have been made for each individual project.

You plan your time…

… with the help of a calendar, to which your team members also have access.

At the same time, you can plan the use of common resources within the company (conference rooms, cars, video projectors, etc.), but also the calendars of the other members of your team.

BizToWeb in Numbers

BizToWeb is the translation into one application of all the tools an entrepreneur needs.


  • Testing


I have used and tried several management systems 

  • Experience

16 years

I have collected, over time, documents, tables, files

  • Team


We used feedback from our contributors

  • Adaptation


We have adapted the functionalities for small and medium-sized companies

Our Solution

Things get done faster

To start a project, many documents and processes are needed. BizToWeb accompanies you from the first interaction with the client to the handover of the project.


1. Sale

Turn your prospects into clients and save all the valuable information.

4. Tracking

See workload, progress and performace for everyone and everything.

2. Act

Create templates for contracts, so that you generate the paperwork faster.

5. History

Add all relevant information to the project and client history.

3. Planning

Divide your projects into tasks and assight them to the team.

6. Completion

Implement and follow the procedures, so you can deliver better and faster.

People Really Love BizToWeb

This app makes me want to give up my two notebook planners and just go full digital.



It’s so easy to have all the things in one place. It was super hard before. We had to search in our notes and inboxes just to see what we had discussed with a customer.


Team Assistant

All of my employees can see their tasks and I have a full overview on how things get done (put the above line instead of this).



Do you want to know more?

What if I get stuck? Is there anyone that I can ask for help?

We have a support team that can help you and we also have a support system where you can open tickets. 

Is there any extra costs?

No, for the standard plans! You pay for your monthly subscription. 

But, if you need to import your customers and you explicitly ask that from us, there can be some extra costs, that we will discuss with you beforehand.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

Just don’t pay and the account will be automatically suspended. 

Will I lose my data if my account is suspended?

No, you can reactivate your account anytime. 

Who is the owner of the information that I store in BizToWeb?

You are the one that is the owner of what you add in BizToWeb. We don’t have access to your account, except for when you grant us permission explicitly, usually for support purposes. But even then, we do not use or change the information you added to your account.